Swap Pro

The best platform to swap assets with the lowest fees, a fixed rate fee of only 0.25%

How does Swap Pro work?

  1. Select the asset you want to swap.

Scroll through the list of available assets and choose your swap currency.

   2. Select the asset you would like to receive.

Similar to above, scroll through and select the digital asset that you would like to receive.

  3. Enter the amount of the asset you wish to swap.

Using the deposit input, enter the amount of the asset you want to swap, then select the  the preview swap tab . The conversion between the two digital assets will be calculated automatically.

4. Enter your receive & refund address.

The receive address is the wallet address you want to deposit/receive your new assets into.

Double check that you enter the correct wallet address for the asset you intend to receive.

The refund address is for the asset you are swapping from. This is so we can return the asset if a failed transaction does occur.

5. Place your swap.

To place your swap select the “Place Swap” tab.  You will then be provided with the address to send the coin that you are swapping from, in this case BTC.

****(Please remember the swap calculation quoted initially may change with market movement.*** 

Your final conversion amounts will be provided to you via email.

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