Vertbase is a non custodial solution and does not offer online wallets for users. Security is one of Vertbase's core values and holding your digital currency in a secure wallet away from our servers provides the best security for your digital currency.

If you do not own your private keys, you do not own your money!

If you use wallets on exchanges or any other 3rd party services, ensure that you are in control of your private keys. Wallets on some exchanges do not let you hold your own  keys and you are trusting these companies to hold your money in good faith. They are vulnerable to being hacked and many have closed their businesses without warning and disappeared with all customer funds. 

By holding your own private keys, you are in full control of YOUR money and wallets can always be restored. Just remember to keep your private keys safe and do not disclose them to anyone.

Vertbase recommends using cold storage devices (Offline) or the projects core wallet for larger amounts of money. Mobile wallets should only be used to hold small amounts of money, similar to the amounts of fiat you would hold day to day in your purse or traditional wallet.

Below is a list of links to find core wallets and cold storage devices. Mobile wallets can be found in various app stores. 

Core wallets:
Vertcoin Core Wallet -
Digibyte Core Wallet -
Litecoin Core Wallet -

Cold storage devices: 

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