In General

The purchase price of your digital assets are locked in at the time you confirm your trade. Any market movement between your trade being placed and Sequoir receiving your cleared funds will not affect the price or quantity of your trade.

Sequoir sends your digital assets to your own specified wallet as soon as we receive your payment. Please see the article below to learn about transaction times.

US Banking and transaction times In General

ACH bank transfers to Sequoir typically take 3-4 business days* to settle after you have confirmed your buy. (In some circumstances this process may take 5-7 calendar days, depending on the time of the trade, weekends and other bank holidays).

The US banking system and other 3rd party payment facilitators do not collect or process ACH transactions on the weekends or bank holidays. (Weekends are not included in the 3-4 business day transfer period).

Depending on the time your buy is placed, funds may not be collected via ACH until the following day. Generally, the start of the transaction waiting period is the day funds are collected from your bank.

For Example;

Sequoir buy is placed on Friday the 14th. Your funds are collected Monday 17th and should be deposited in Sequoir's bank account on Wednesday the 19th. As soon as we receive your funds the digital assets are immediately sent to the wallet address you provided.

In Summary

You may notice your funds are immediately debited from your bank account following your buy, however, until your payment has settled in Sequoir's bank your digital assets will not be sent to you. Once the funds are fully settled by our bank we immediately send your digital assets to the wallet address you provided.

(The process typically takes 3-4 business days but in some circumstances, may take 5-7 calendar days)

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